Remember Green Day? Of course you do? (You do. For the purposes of this article, you will.) Their trajectory so far's remarkable enough: a pop/punk band and/or punk band, depending on who you asked, was in the right place at the right time: you know, the time where untold hundreds of nebulous post-Nirvana alt/rock/grunge/punk/pop/etc folks emerged. They were one of the better ones and released increasingly ambitious albums, one of which--rock opera concept album American Idiot--took its ambitions in a different direction: Broadway and eventually film, and all those multi-platform lights.

Since then? Not all that much, really--there was follow-up album 21st Century Breakdown, but that was 2009; there are the American Idiot adaptations, but they're still just adaptations. Which is perhaps why the band's got three albums due this year. Here's the timeline and titles of the trilogy, according to Billie Joe Armstrong on Twitter (a publicist's already confirmed it; no jokes are afoot):

September: Uno!

November: Dos!

January: Tre! (Not "tres," because of drummer Tre Cool. It's not a solo album.)

That's about all that's been announced, making this post rather short. Let's see. News outlets have speculated on the rest, as they do; not enough of them mentioned the video Armstrong posted with that announcement. So we'll do that. It explains a lot more than anyone's managed.