Don't feel bad, Greyson. Plenty of your peers have been foiled by the question, "What weighs more? A pound of feathers or a pound of gold." If you take a moment to browse Twitter's U.S. Trending Topics, you'll notice "Greyson Says It's Gold," a nod to the trick question we asked the Lady Gaga-covering star during our Magic Box interview back in May. The age-old gold versus feathers debate was similarly tough for Big Sean, and something that Greyson fanatics are rallying behind this afternoon, providing him with his very own "Paws Up"-style catchphrase. With another guest spot on Raising Hope in the works and an upcoming gig on American Dad, it's clear one tiny mistake hasn't hurt his career that much, just possibly his reputation with teachers at school. But screw the laws of physics. If Greyson says it's gold, it's gold, right?