GRIZZLY BEAR's dreamy first single in five years, "Three Rings"

MUSIC | After months of teasing us on their Instagram, the Brooklyn-based band have finally shared with us

The end of their hibernation is here. Grizzly Bear have released a new track, "Three Rings", off their upcoming LP that's set to be their most recent release in five years. Listen below:

The single is an intense and majestic departure from their usual sound, but one that echoes their melancholic nature regardless. It's an exciting peak into the current mindset of the Brooklyn band, who've been somewhat MIA since their 2012 release Shields.

So what have Grizzly Bear been up to in this five year interim, anyway? Occasional frontman and guitarist Daniel Rossen embarked on his very own solo tour, following the release of his solo debut EP Silent Hour/Golden Mile. Drummer Christopher Bear worked on arranging soundtracks for the HBO series High Maintenance. Lead vocalist Ed Droste, amidst all the Swift backlash that (wrongfully) kicked him off Twitter, collaborated with a variety of performers, such as DEDE (which you can listen to here). They also created an Instagram where they've been posting snippets of upcoming tracks to mess with our hearts a little bit.

For a while, things for Grizzly Bear weren't looking so great - there were no signs of the band planning to record, and little comment whenever they were asked. The band themselves were scattered around the US - while two members still live in New York, the other two including Droste have relocated to Los Angeles.

However, in a 2015 interview with Droste for The Standard, the skies cleared. "We're feeling more adventurous with the sonic directions, changing it up a little bit — not like, a techno dance's in the beginning stages," he said. "Only a couple songs have started to take shape and it's gotta be like, a good dozen or so before we get the picture."

They've certainly seemed to get a hold of the big picture now. If "Three Rings" is any indication of what's to come, we're pretty sure this might just be the Grizzly Bear album we've been waiting for.

Find Grizzly Bear on Twitter, Instagram and official website.

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