G.R.L. Make Prison Look Fun In Their 'Ugly Heart' Music Video

Boy bands have made a big comeback in recent years, but girl groups are still struggling to make their mark in the States. Little Mix and Fifth Harmony are probably the two best known new girl groups thanks to The X Factor, but it's RCA's G.R.L. that seems to be getting the biggest push right now.

Created by Pussycat Dolls mastermind Robin Antin and produced almost exclusively by Dr. Luke and Max Martin, G.R.L. have been making a major play for mainstream fame for the past year. Their first single "Vacation" flopped, but they managed to get a minor hit in March off the back of Pitbull's "Wild Wild Love." Now they're back with "Ugly Heart"; a catchy but extremely common slice of folky dance-pop that's been tailor made for radio, just like Becky G's "Shower."

The music video sees G.R.L. as tarty but stylish trouble makers who get arrested and then proceed to turn the local police precinct into a dance party. It's not particularly original, but then again, nothing about G.R.L. is.

"Ugly Heart" hits all the expected marks, but that's why it works. Even by safe top forty standards, G.R.L. are never going to be fresh or unconventional or even slightly interesting, so they may as well just do generic and do it well.

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