Beleaguered rapper Gucci Mane has been out of the public eye for a hot minute—and by that we mean, "in jail for about a year." But after reappearing he's found time to release one or 30 mixtapes, and even tattooed a dessert on his face. "Weirdo" is his first music video since officially becoming a walking Dairy Queen in January. Behold your chance to see his wild, decidedly lactose-tolerant face tattoo wiggling around in full hi-def video.

The video for "Weirdo" is personal in a Britney Spears way, focusing on Gucci's headline-making ability (in the clip he escapes from jail and gets radical facial reconstruction surgery—holla at us, easy metaphors). And he even pokes a little fun at his public person (the song is called "Weirdo" after all). However, this is a straight-to-YouTube rap video, so director Mr. Boomtown was sure to work some gratuitous breast shots in there somehow. Good work?

What's most interesting about "Weirdo" is that it's the second video in 24 hours where someone raps while receiving some sort of medical procedure after a hiatus from the public eye. Did Gucci's people see the Dr. Dre video that premiered yesterday and think, "Oh man, we really need to get our rapping-under-the-knife video out ASAP?" Either way, we're not entirely sure that Gucci Mane looks all that different by the end of the clip. Maybe he should should have had the sexy doctor tattoo some pie and a root beer?