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Guerilla Marketing Pays Off For Wacky K-poppers Crayon Pop

"Crayon Pop" probably isn't a name you're going to hear when 2012's most successful K-pop rookies are being discussed, but the wacky group is rapidly gaining fans thanks to a hilarious guerrilla marketing strategy to promote their current single, "Dancing Queen."

For the past two months, the girls have hit the streets of Seoul with a boombox to perform the song everywhere and anywhere, from store fronts to subway stations. They're not hard to miss, either: their performance outfits consist of garish sweatsuits topped off with woolen bonnets, and their choreography is a mixture of martial arts moves and erratic bouncing around. Like PSY's "Gangnam Style," the entire thing is both completely ridiculous and insanely entertaining, so it's easy to see why people are starting to fall for the crazy quintet.

While Crayon Pop still haven't smashed the charts just yet, their popularity and presence in the K-pop scene is definitely growing. Tickets for their upcoming mini-concert in Japan sold out in an hour, their guerrilla marketing approach for "Dancing Queen" was just featured in a segment on Korea Today, and they were even able to turn Super Junior into Crayon Pop fanboys.

In an industry where it's hard to tell one group from the other, Crayon Pop are standing out for all the right reasons. They're undoubtedly the most fun new K-pop act of the year, and with their relentless promotion now starting to show results, 2013 is looking pretty promising for the rising group.

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