It never ends. Just when it seemed like for sure that Cheryl Cole's involvement with X Factor had been officially nixed, now reports indicate that she might be a part of the circus after all. "Yes, of course Cheryl will be on the American show," X Factor executive producer Richard Holloway recently told Perez Hilton. "She did auditions in two cities and we will reflect that." Perez also quotes an insider saying that that her limited use on the show might do further damage to her already bruised career: "If Cheryl is made to look like a guest judge or an experiment that went wrong it would have big implications for her career and could kill her American dream. Being dumped from the show has been bad enough, I can’t imagine she will be looking forward to reliving the auditions on screen."

We do feel for Cheryl. In every breakup there's a winner and loser, and while it might be premature to dub X Factor a winner, it would not be premature to dub Cheryl a loser. Not that she had much of a pre-existing celebrity status in this country to begin with, so you couldn't exactly consider this a fall from grace, but the chances that people in Oklahoma are ever going to find out who Girls Aloud are look like they keep getting slimmer.