Well that didn't take long. It's been like a week since a silly back-and-forth with comedian Jenny Johnson over Twitter inspired Chris Brown to delete his Twitter account, but if you thought that was the last we'd hear of the controversial R&B megastar over social media, well, my friend, you don't know Breezy. The singer returned to Twitter, with a profile message of "Keep it here for all things Chris Brown, updates from the tour and more… #CarpeDiem," though no tweets have actually been posted yet.

What has been posted, to Brown's Instagram account (with the handle "fuckyopictures," of course), is a pic of Brown and his partner-in-trolling, Rihanna, with the caption "What would music sound like today if these kids didn't exist?" (There'd be fewer songs comparing eating cake to having sex, probably?) Rihanna is in camo gear and not a ton else, natch, and the pop star is giving the camera one of her patented "Being bad feels so good!" side-eyes, which, well, whatever. This comes, of course, just a few days after Ri posted a rather tender picture of the duo to her own Instagram account.

It's getting to the point where we almost feel guilty reporting on these things, like we're just feeding the beast that is Chris Brown and Rihanna's need to be tut-tutted about by media folk. Can't you guys just write songs about it again instead of this lazy Instagram baiting? That last one was pretty good!