There aren't a whole lot of 100% surefire inductees left for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, but these were probably three of them: Guns n Roses, the Beastie Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers, three of the most enduring, commercially successful and critically acclaimed (well, maybe not the last 15 years for a couple of these guys) mainstream acts of their era. All three were destined for Cleveland immortality at some point or another, and this year, all three will be, as they headline the list of inductees into the Rock Hall, the ceremonies for which will take place on April 14th and air on HBO sometime in May.

The three acts will be joined by plenty of other RnRHoF noobs in April, however. A handful of '60s holdovers will see induction as well, including Laura Nyro (songwriter behind such smash oldies as Blood, Sweat and Tears' "And When I Die," The Fifth Dimension's "Wedding Bell Blues" and Three Dog Night's "Eli's Coming"), The Faces/Small Faces (two UK groups with fairly different lineups and sounds but with the same sort of cult reputation among US fans) and Donovan (super-arrogant singer/songwriter behind "Mellow Yellow" and "Hurdy Gurdy Man" who is probably the most overjoyed of any of the first-timers to finally be included). And Freddie King, some important dead blues guy who we've never heard of and keep mixing up with Freddie Jackson, should be getting honored as well.

Meanwhile, as always, there are a list of snubs—artists with decent HoF cases who will not be seeing entry this year regardless. In 2012, that list includes The Cure (soon enough, guys), Joan Jett (probably in time), Heart (we'd love to see it but ehhhh) and Eric B. and Rakim (ditto). Tough breaks for a couple of these guys, though with all the undeniable modern acts and the baby-boomer holdovers finally seeing the light this year, it's hard to be too surprised about any of those denied. Should be a hell of an induction ceremony regardless—might we actually see Axl and Slash of GnR play together for the first time in forever? Will the BBoys revert to their fratty mid-'80s ways for one night? Are RHCP gonna go socks-on-dick for old times' sake? Can't wait to find out.