Why "Adventures With Pat" is the best series on the web

Do you have a friend who literally makes all the wrong decisions? SUH DUDES?! It's Pat!

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Do you have a friend who literally makes wrong, obnoxious choices, all-day-every-day?

If you answered yes (or even if you answered no), you're going to freaking love Pat. Pat (no last name) is the star of Adventures with Pat, a webseries about Pat's daily trials and tribulations escapades misadventures. Pat is normal twentysomething who lives in New York City, trying to live his life. The only problem? Pat is a total moron!

Here's the first episode of Adventures with Pat, where Pat gets stoned and stuck in a stairwell:

"We've been in here for 45 minutes bro, we've gotta get out." Are you laughing yet?

The best part of Adventures with Pat is that every episode is less than a minute long, meaning you can take less than sixty seconds out of your stressful day to have a laugh at Pat's expense. In some recent episodes, Pat has done some serious cross-promo for brands like Dos Toros Taqueria (the ultimate spot for NYC burrito seekers). Check out his Dos Toros shoot:

So who is Pat?

It turns out Pat isn't Pat at all! The actor who plays Pat is 25-year-old Guy Blelloch, who is a rising star in his own right. A (the?) Creative Director for Jerry Media (an offshoot of FuckJerry), who also directs videos for Young M.A., is an accomplished editor, and produces parody music videos for YouTube.

We reached out to Blelloch, who told us "[Pat is] essentially me if I were to make all the wrong or obnoxious choices that I joke about making on a moment to moment basis." He also mentioned that through his work with Young M.A. he is "hoping to learn a lot in regards to character building and bridge the worlds between music and new content."

If Adventures with Pat is any indication, Blelloch is definitely one to watch. You can follow him (and check out more of Pat's hilarious capers) at @apiecebyguy on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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