UPDATE: Eminem's manager, Paul "Bunyan" Rosenberg, is saying that this Twitter account is "100% fake."

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: More claims that @angry_blonde is fake, this time from another account purporting to belong to Hailie. (NB: This Twitter account also belongs to an angry blonde!) What a mess! This is why Twitter should go back to verifying accounts for regular people, really.

Hailie Jade Mathers, daughter to Marshall and Kim, was that lucky kind of kid who, thanks to Daddy's songs "Kim," "Hailie's Song" and "'97 Bonnie and Clyde," had achieved fame before turning old enough to be within the suggested safe-age range to play a game of Perfection. It's hard to remember sometimes that people continue to age even when they're outside of the public eye, but sure enough, that sweet young girl that Eminem fretted about so has grown into a hopefully-still-sweet young lady.

Yes, Hailie Mathers is now 15 years old, a mere 20 years away from being able to legally run for president of this fair country. What's more, she's apparently discovered the magic of Twitter, and in her new-found worldly wisdom, she's posted a number of truisms recently for your elucidation.

(By the way, Lourdes Ciccone is 14, Frances Bean Cobain is 18 and has already headlined an art show, and Lil' Romeo is 21, has dropped the Lil', and will compete on Dancing With The Stars in a few weeks.)