PREMIERE | Haim are coming for you in “Want You Back”

VIDEO | I'll take you back any day, Haim. Please.

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Haim just released their music video for their leading single off their new album "Want You Back," and it's so boldly cinematic yet effortlessly pristine that we're going to break it down like a screenplay for you. Sit back, relax, and rest easy in the knowledge that the girls are back and better than ever.

Characters (in order of appearance):

Danielle Haim: sings and plays guitar in Haim. Seen here in an incredible leather jacket, yellow graphic tee, and light-wash mid-rise jeans. Her shoes, which match her sisters', are black leather heels - about two inches high. It's an iconic look. She's probably capable of saying something incredibly cutting, but wouldn't unless you deserve it.

Alana Haim: drums and sings in Haim. Wears an evergreen-colored Queen tee and jeans similar to Danielle's. Her shoes, of course, match Alana's. She's smiling, but also looks ready to incite a take-down. Be careful of her perfectly-timed dance moves and intense eye contact; you're not ready for her.

Este Haim: The oldest, tallest, and blondest of the Haim sisters. Plays bass and sings in Haim. Is rocking an incredible striped cropped turtleneck, a combination of words used to describe a shirt that has rarely been seen in the history of the internet. She pairs this with a short black leather shirt with a single frill. It's also incredible. Her gaze is the coolest and fiercest. Watch out for the authoritative wrist flicks and the totally perfect way she just, like, exists.


A street in Los Angeles. Looks suspiciously like something near LAX, but is far too empty to exist in real life. This is definitely a magical street where the Haim sisters walk in unison and beg for your forgiveness while performing just enough synchronized dance moves to make you beg them to come back - even though the line "I'll take all the fall and the fault in this" would imply that you did nothing wrong in the first place. The sky is nothing short of melodramatic, full of just enough sunlight to not be called "dark" and spotted with fluffy stratus clouds.

Open on Danielle, looking pensive near a streetlight. She is clearly waiting for something, which turns out to be her sisters as they silently begin marching down the middle of the street, safe in the tacit understanding that no car would dare to hit them. Small hand movements and later on fully coordinated skipping and spinning are pulled off in perfect time with the song's already perfect instrumentation.

Each girl gets a verse (or in Alana's case, the bridge) to have the camera to herself as she confidently struts on her way to get you back. They're all giving off the most determinedly confident vibe that it would be hard to imagine anyone turning them down as they arrive. Besides, they literally stopped traffic. Who would say no to Haim? Not this writer, and certainly not anyone with good taste in shoes, songs, or women.

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