Haley Georgia Is Absolutely 'Ridiculous' In Debut Music Video—Watch Now!

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Say what you will about mainstream country music. The instrumentation might be rather genre-defying (and not-so traditional) for most bonafide chart hits, but the hooks are freshly cut and incredibly infectious. Newcomer Haley Georgia hopes to kick up some hip-hop dust, too, with her very own debut single Ridiculous, which has already gained major traction (and lots of ears) in the industry. With the official release of the accompanying party-centric music video, the young singer delivers the perfect sun-baked kiss-off. As the summer heat is already blistering outside, you can bet your money we'll have this track on repeat and bumping in our speakers for many months to come!

Ridiculous serves as the first taste of Georgia's forthcoming EMI Records Nashville debut full player. " “When I started brainstorming on how I wanted the video to look, I had Toby Keith’s ‘Red Solo Cup’ on repeat for a few days," she recently shared with Popdust. "The party in that video is super sick, everything is handheld and I love how low-fi and vibrant it is.”

On working with video director Roman White (Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson), she commented, “I’ve always been obsessed with him. When the opportunity came for me to make my first music video I knew I HAD to get Roman to direct it. Thankfully, he loved the song and got on board. As a director, he’s super chill with a side of cray and really let me do my thing.”

Sit back, relax and get a little sassy:

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