Haley Reinhart Joins The Young and The Privileged On "90210''

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From American Idol's painfully scripted intros to the soapy world of The CW's teen dramas, Haley Reinhart is becoming a fixture on your prime-time television schedule. The former Idol contestant stopped by the 21st century iteration of 90210 with new single "Free" on Tuesday night, to perform the song and show the former students of West Bev what real talent looks like. Although she was playing herself, Haley did get to flaunt some acting skills, namely through holding her actual celebrity over one-time pseudo celeb Adrianna while making her question her boyfriend's faithfulness. (Nicely done!) Music stars seem to love this zip code, but for those who haven't watched the latest version of the show since Joe Jonas, Nelly or Snoop Dogg mingled with the young and the privileged, yes, the writers have now run the gamut of potential relationship permutations. They don't have the money hire new love interests every season. Watch Haley's debut below.

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