Haley Reinhart Spins "Free" From Boyfriends And Diners In New Video

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The classic American diner has provided many a setting to pop music videos over the years, largely because unlimited cups of coffee and cheap burgers can't help but define the ups and downs of a relationship. Haley Reinhart uses this familiar locale to  move forward with her career in "Free," which sees her voicing her grievances from the counter to the booth, before a man who seems to still be waiting on that side of fries. When sultry waitress moves don't work, she's quick to take her show to a conveniently located rotating platform—which, a little bird told us, also does killer work on one's core—refusing to cry over spilled milkshakes or broken hearts. The entire clip has a vintage feel, from the musty lighting of this fast-casual establishment to Haley's U.S.O-inspired final look, as well as her nod to prude turned provocateur Sandra Dee, which should likely make Adrianna Tate-Duncan question her boyfriend's intentions even more. Who needs a thankless ball and chain when the entire post-Idol world is your oyster? Or, when Dixon Wilson might be interested? Watch below.

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