Britney Spears may not be able to pronounce "Ke$ha" but she probably can still say "Case dismissed"—the libel lawsuit against the pop star has been thrown out for lack of evidence.

A brief rundown for the unacquianted: During her public meltdown of 2007, Spears' manager was a man by the name of Sam Lufti. In Spears' mother Lynne's book Through the Storm, written about that dark period, she described Lufti as a manipulative drug pusher who snuck sleeping pills into the pop star's food and cut off her phone lines to keep her in check. Alleging that he was being used as a scapegoat for Britney's breakdown, Lufti launched a series of lawsuits against Spears' camp, suing Lynne for defamation of character, Britney for breach of contract and Britney's father Jamie for assault. He also claimed that as manager he was entitled to 15% of Spears' earnings. Things got ugly: Spears' conservatorship told her not to appear at the trial, Lufti tried (and failed, thankfully) to get Spears' medical records released, Jamie and Lynn had to sit in court as Luft's lawyer's dredged up all the seedy details from Britney's downfall that we'd all rather forget.

But now, after a years of legal squabbling, a court in Los Angeles has thrown out Lufti's case. According to judge Suzanne Bruguera, Lufti failed to present any compelling evidence to prove his argument; dismissing it outright was only "the right thing to do."

Assuming Lufti's appeal is treated with a similar level of derision, it looks like this thing might finally be behind Britney after all. She's one step closer to getting a normal life back—now all she has to do is get the right to make her personal decisions back and things will soon be A-OK.