Premiere: Halo Circus remixes "Band Aid," reveals new EP

The rock band are offering a slew of specially-tailored treats for their fans surrounding their new project.

"We want a revolution, a short cut to solution. No, we really need a cure," Halo Circus wails on "Band Aid," one of 2016's most important songs. It's a ceremonious, strikingly moving reflection of the mayhem detonating on a daily basis--but it also turns inward to frame personal responsibility. "The flutter of my wings, messing up my hair. Couldn't save the world today, it's not that I don't care...but there's no time," Allison Iraheta laments on the opening line. It's a revelation, as Popdust cited it as the No. 1 song of 2016. Now, it's getting a second life thanks to Charles Scott IV and Duran Duran's John Taylor, who revamp the track with a heart-throbbing, swirling remix (premiering exclusively today). Following the on-air premiere via Volume SiriusXM, Popdust is extremely humbled to give fans another listen below.

"As high as I could get, I rise above me. That human far below, not who I plan to be," Iraheta surmises, drawing a line between her place in this world and the troubles brewing within her grasp. "It's a broken dream, a broken scene, for sure."

"Band Aid" originally appeared on last year's splendid and intricate debut LP, Bunny, which also featured such highlights as "Guns in Our Hands," "Nothing At All," "All I Have" and "Far from Eden." Backed by the talented crew of musicians, Matthew Hager, Brian Stead and Matteo Eyia, Irhatea reaches her full potential as a vocalist and storyteller, heaving and sighing over rich melodies and rock sensibilities, and also mixing in her rich cultural heritage.

Take a listen to the remix:

In another bombshell, Halo Circus have revealed their brand new EP called The East Lansing Sessions (out May 5). When fans pre-order, they will get an instant download of the "Band Aid" remix. "Surprise! We've got something new for you," says Iraheta in a brand new pre-order trailer. "Last year, when we were on the road, we recorded a brand new EP. Yup, while we were on the road. Initially, it was going to be something for our fans and everyone that got us on the road but, as fate would have it, it turned out better than expected."

Halo Circus are also offering a slew of other fan bundles and packages, such as exclusive T-shirt/signed CDs and a coffee table book. Pre-order VIP artist experiences are now available, due to popular fan demand, as well. Those include customized voicemail greetings, personalized song (written just for the fan), lunch with the band, 20 questions via Skype and an acoustic house concert--and you can even book them for your wedding (OK, not gonna lie, that's pretty dope!).

"We brought in strings, horns and we even recorded it live," Iraheta continues about the EP. "As you can see, we are offering a very special this time around."

Fans can pre-order and check out all the other exclusive packages on their official website.


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