The Video Music Awards are almost upon us, and while everyone else is anticipating the live performances, the unexpected guest appearances and the category winners, we only care about one thing—the gambling opportunities. lists odds for the biggest categories, making Lady Gaga the favorite for Best Female Video, Justin Bieber the favorite for Best Male Video, and Katy Perry the favorite for Best Pop Video and Video of the Year. (Adele gets the second best odds at the latter, with 3.5 to 1, while Tyler, the Creator only gets a 13 to 1 shot—drat.)

But as fun as it is to gamble on the awards themselves, as always, the real money is to be made on the prop bets. Check out our scorecard below, and feel free to pass it out at your VMAs and/or hurricane parties this weekend.

Jersey Shore Member to Get the Most Face Time:

The Situation: Even

Snooki: +150

Vinny: +300

Deanna: +500

J-Woww: +800

Ronnie: +1200

Sammie: +1500

Angelina: +3000

How Lady Gaga Pays Tribute to the Late Clarence Clemons During Her Performance:

Video Montage: +200

Appearance by Clarence Clemons III: +500

Hologram: +800

Blackface / Fat Suit: +1200

Reincarnation Spell: +2000

Material of Lady Gaga's Outfit During Performance:

Cloth: +200

Animal Fur: +500

Translucent Plastic: +800

Swiss Cheese: +1000

Male Models: +1200

Naked: Off

Length of Britney Spears' Lifetime Achievement Award Acceptance Speech:

1-2 min: +150

2-4 min: +300

+4 min: +500

30-60 secs: +800

0-30 secs: +1000

Never Makes it to Podium: +1200

First Person Tyler the Creator Tries to Start a Fight With:

Bruno Mars: -150

Chris Brown: +200

Big Sean: +500

Adele: +1000

Tony Bennett: +2000

First Person Tyler the Creator Makes Uncomfortable Sexual Advances Towards:

Selena Gomez: Even

Beyoncé: +250

Justin Bieber: +500

Adele: +1000

Kreayshawn: +2000

First Person to Make an Uncomfortable "Hurricane" Joke/Reference:

Kanye West: -125

Russell Brand: Even

Lil Wayne: +500

Rick Ross: +1000

Foster the People: +2500

Celebrity in Attendance to Sense Void in Leadership and Spontaneously Assume Hosting Duties:

Diddy: +150

Lady Gaga: +300

Kanye West: +600

Dave Grohl: +1000

Cast of Twilight: +2000

Will Katy Perry Continue Her Career 0-fer at the VMAs Despite Her Ten Nominations:

No: -1000

Yes: +800

Will More Than Two People in the Audience Know the Words to Whatever Song Young the Giant Plays?

No: -500

Yes: +400

Will Lenny Kravitz Get to Parlay His Role in Hunger Games Into One Last VMAs Appearance?

No: -125

Yes: Even

Will Someone Makes a Justin/Selena Joke That Causes Both of Them to Laugh in Their Seats While Hiding Their Embarrassed Faces?

Yes: -750

No: +625

Will Kanye and Jay-Z Acknowledge Each Others' Existence At Any Point?

No: -250

Yes: +200

Will Katy Perry Shoot Anything Out of Her Tits?:

Yes: Even Money

No: +110

How Many Winners or Presenters Will Chastise MTV for Not Playing Enough Videos?

Over Two: +120

Under Two: -140

How Many Times Will Lil Wayne Get Censored During His Performance?

Over Eight: -110

Under Eight: +105

How Many Rattlesnakes Will Be Involved in the Britney Spears Tribute?

Over One: -120

Under One: +110

How Many Odd Future Members Will Actually Get to Speak?

Over Four: +125

Under Four: -140

How Many Jokes Will Be Made at Kris Humphries' Expense?

Over One: +110

Under One: -125

How Many Winners Will Shout Out to Amy Winehouse in Their Acceptance Speeches?

Over Two: +120

Under Two: -140

Once again, we at Popdust remind you that gambling is not particularly in these United States just yet, so try not to flaunt your victory in your office pool in front of too many establishment figures.