As you all know, tonight is part one of the finale for the second season of The Voice, and for most of us red-blooded Americans, that means but one thing: Gambling opportunity. Unsurprisingly, you can find odds up for the four remaining Voice contestants on Bovada Sportsbook, with Juliet Simms getting by far the highest odds at 1:2, followed by Tony Lucca at 5:2, Jermaine Paul at 15:2 and Chris Mann at 10:1. Looks about right, though frankly, you couldn't put the odds on Juliet low enough for us to want to bet on anyone else.

Anyway, we've got more interesting things to bet on—and so will you, if you use our handy Prop Bets column. (Sadly, "Lindsey Pavao and Jamar Rogers crashing the stage and staging a second-season coup" is still off the board.) Read, study diligently, and (hopefully) watch the money pile up:

Who will be the first non-contestant to cry?

Christina Aguilera: -300

Cee Lo Green: +800

Adam Levine: +1200

Christina Milian: +1500

Carson Daly: +10000

What will be the most ridiculous item of clothing worn by Cee Lo Green?

Multi-colored suit: +250

Elton John sunglasses: +500

Parachute pants: +800

Indian headress: +1000

Purrfect the Cat (as some kind of scarf): +2500

What will be the first irrelevant detail about a performance for Blake Shelton to fixate on?

Male strippers: +200

Lighting too dramatic: +400

Weird sort of feedback echo in the room: +1000

Fan clapping too loudly in the background: +1500

Some newspaper article he read this morning: +2500

Who will pass out in the Sprint Lounge first as a result of a combination of anxiety and boredom? 

Chris Mann: +200

Juliet Simms: +400

Jermaine Paul: +800

Tony Lucca: +1500

Christina Milian: +2000

What Christina Aguilera song is Chris Mann going to be forced to awkwardly sing with her?

"Ain't No Other Man": +150

"Beautiful": +400

"Keeps Getting Better": +1200

"What a Girl Wants": +2000

"Lady Marmalade" +5000

Will Blake make a smart-ass comment that causes Carson to snap at him?

Yes: -100

No: +75

Will Christina throw Tony Lucca under the bus for no particular reason (again)?

No: -150

Yes: +125

Will someone call the Mickey Mouse Club the "MMC"?

No: -200

Yes: +150

Will Carson inexplicably say the word "thanks" in a weird British accent when addressing Christina Milian?

Yes: -100

No :+75

Will Purrfect the Cat make an appearance?

Yes: -400

No: +300

How many times will Blake use the words "suck" or "ass" (or their derviations)?

Over Four: +120

Under Four: -140

How long will Adam take when making his final pledge of faith and devotion to Tony Lucca?

Over 2:45: -130

Under 2:45: +120

How many references will the contestants make to wanting to win "for their families"?

Over Three: -110

Under Three: +105

How many times will the name Adele be invoked by the coaches?

Over Two: -140

Under Two: +125

How many times will the word "Bromance" be used in connection with Adam and Blake?

Over One: -120

Under One: +110