For those of us who came of age in the late-90s, there are few thoughts more disquieting than Hanson, the teen trio behind whose bubblegum pop took the world by storm in '97, growing up. It's bad enough that they all had to go and get married and shit, giving our mothers all kinds of "Why can't you find a wife like those nice Hanson boys?" ammunition, but every time we see them play live now, we're terrified that they'll finally look unmistakably old, reminding us of our own mortality like no other one-time young people could.

Luckily, Hanson's performance of their signature hit "MMMBop" on last night's Dancing With the Stars features the trio sounding youthful, and still looking fairly fresh-faced. Sure, lead singer Taylor's gorgeous blond hair has long since been cropped, and his voice has matured to the point where he has to sing the song a few keys lower than he used to, but once he and brothers Zac and Isaac start scatting on that chorus in harmony, it's still enough to make you want to go Rollerblading in parking lots and dancing on the moon.

See for yourself below, and also check out clips of the band acting as DWTS house band, performing snippets of Lionel Richie's "Hello" and Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" as for the show's "Guilty Pleasures" theme. Hey, you ABC guys better not be trying to lump "MMMBop" in with those turkeys.