37 years ago today, a karate instructor and a milkman welcomed a baby who would later spice up lives in blonde pigtails and miniskirts. We're 99.9% positive this description could apply to absolutely no one but Emma Bunton, better known as Baby Spice of the Spice Girls.

We can all agree Bunton is a hero. Not only did she discover the bomb in the Spice Girls' tour bus as they flew over London's Tower Bridge, but she flirted her way into Albert Hall just in time for their career-making concert! (Spice World is based on a true story, right?)

In between these heroics and last year's reunion of the Spice Girls (they played the Olympic Closing Ceremony, dontcha know), Bunton released three solo albums and appeared in two Bollywood films. What?! You haven't seen Pyaar Mein Twist?! Get on that, yo!

Spice Girls fans will be pleased to know that the spices remain in touch—it appears they're even partying together tonight!

Okay, so that's Scary, Ginger, and Sporty. Yoohoo, Posh! We'll be feverishly refreshing her Twitter page until all of the spices have given their Baby her due!