Billy Joel, the undisputed "Piano Man" of classic pop-rock turns 64 today. In these 64 years, he's written some famously lovely songs ("She's Always a Woman," "And So It Goes") and romanced some famously lovely women (Elle Macpherson, Christie Brinkley), but what we're most fascinated with today is his aging process. Specifically that it's incredibly normal.

Let's take a look at his contemporaries. Bruce Springsteen has aged beautifully. Bob Dylan has aged poorly. Mick Jagger has aged weirdly. Meanwhile, Billy Joel has just kind of...aged. Take a peek:


Young Billy:


Middle Aged Billy:


Current Billy:



Has he aged poorly? No. Has he aged well? Not really. "Consistent" is an adjective you'd ascribe to both his music and his aging process. And that ain't a bad thing.

Happy Birthday Billy!