Do us a favor: Google image search "Jason Aldean."

Homeboy is always wearing a cowboy hat.

It's the "Why" singer's 36th birthday today, so what better reason to do some in-depth photojournalism regarding what lies beneath the country king's crown. We know he's a baseball fan, and any good southern boy's hat's gotta come off when our nation's anthem rings, at the very least. When we went to the hair lab for Garth Brooks earlier this month, we discovered that the hair to head ratio was unsurprisingly slight. Jason, on the other hand...

...has a lovely head of hair!

We dug deeper into the birthday boy's past and learned that he has always boasted a luscious mane:

All he needed was the soul patch:

No wonder his high school sweetheart Jessica Ussery decided to stay there a little while...

Happy Birthday, Jason!