The name "Peter Tork" means different things to different people. To people over 40, he's the bassist/keyboardist from '70s pop band The Monkees.

To people in their 20's, like certain bloggers writing certain posts right now, Peter Tork is, and always will be, the first of three gentlemen to play Topanga's dad on Boy Meets World.

In the seminal episode of BMW entitled "Career Day," the titular school tradition forces our hero Cory Matthews to cope with being the son of a grocer, realizing his father is "the most boring parent there."

Enter Peter Tork as "Jedediah Lawrence," Guitar Maker, a.k.a. the dopest career in the game.

Clearly the BMW writers did not expect their little passion project to extend to seven seasons with Topanga's father at the focal point of several loaded plots. Tork made it onto one more episode entitled "Rave On" (the one where Cory and his brother Eric host a rave on the same night as their parent's anniversary!), which also featured his fellow Monkees (including the late Davy Jones).

Tork was then replaced. Twice actually—first by Spinal Tap's Michael McKean (an epically odd choice) and then by Election's Mark Harelik (a slightly better choice).

To people under 20, you do not know who Peter Tork is, but wish him a Happy 71st Birthday if you happen to pass him on the street.