Peter Gabriel has done a lot of things in his exactly 63 years. He was the lead singer and only flautist in the English prog rock band Genesis. He's won six Grammys and thirteen VMAs, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 2010. Every time you've laughed through "Shock the Monkey" or cried through "In Your Eyes" is all thanks PG.

The truth is, however, that Peter really only had to do one thing in his exactly 63 years to make a lasting impression. That thing, ladies and gentlemen, is compose "Solsbury Hill." Play it right now. Try not to feel something.


"Solsbury Hill" is, in a word, ubiquitous. It works in psych thrillers like Vanilla Sky. It works in RomComs like In Good Company. It even has the power to turn psych thrillers into RomComs. Watch:

Like, we wanna see Shining.

So, thank you, P-Gabz, for a lot of things. But especially one.

Happy Birthday!