Samantha Mumba is a name that you probably haven't heard or thought of in 10 years (if ever). Let us jog your memory:

If that didn't ring a bell, try this on for size:

Still no? Well, then you officially don't know who the heck Samantha Mumba is and odds are you also probably didn't know it was her 30th birthday today! Don't worry, you still have time to send her a birthday tweet (she tweets back!). Before you do, however, take time to study up:

30 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Samantha Mumba

1. She's Irish

2. She has three middle names: Tamania, Anne, and Cecilia (respectively)

3. She married a cop!

4. His name is Torray Scales.

5. Torray Scales cheated on our girl, Sammy :(.

6. The object of Scales' wandering eye? Why, none other than voluptuous student nurse Desiree Cortez!

7. Cortez says they would sleep together 4 nights out of the week. By our calculations, that only leaves 3 nights for Sam!

8. Scales broke it off to reconnect with Mumba. Desiree visited only once.

9. In Desiree's words:

"I could tell a girl lived there as there was a leopard-skin throw on the couch and a little dog basket with a leopard-skin thing inside. The bed had some feminine touches too. We kissed but did not make love."

10. Still, Scales and Mumba were wed in 2012. Look how happy they are on the beach!

11. She starred in a 2002 movie called The Time Machine.

12. The movie was based on the sci-fi novel by H.G. Wells.

13. Mumba played "Mara," a woman in the year 802,701.

14. She nurses young inventor Dr. Alexander Hartdegen back to health when he travels there from the year 1899.

15. Dr. Alexander Hartdegen is played by actor Guy Pearce.

16. In the film, Mara is dragged underground by Morlocks.

17. They were trying to eat her!

18. Mara and Alexander end up happily ever after and remain in the year 802,701.

19. Here is some sample dialogue from The Time Machine:

Mara: Why have you come here? Why have you traveled through time?

Dr. Alexander Hartdegen: To have a question answered.

Mara: A question?

Dr. Alexander Hartdegen: Yes. Why can't I change the past?

Mara: Why would you want to?

[a look of realization]

Mara: You've lost someone. Someone you loved very much.

20. Are you crying?

21. She dated Sisqo, but they did not, we repeat, did not have a baby.

22. Mumba officially gave up music in 2011 to focus on her acting career.

23. Happily, she has two upcoming movie projects!

24. One, slated for 2014, is a horror film called Home.

25. The film centers around Carrie, a religious fundamentalist whose mother comes out of the closet.

26. Carrie must move into a house with her mother, her mother's partner, and their adopted child (her sister).

27. Spooky things start happening at the house!

28. Does Carrie put her beliefs aside in order to save her sister?

29. You'll have to wait a whole year to find out!

30. BTW, Mumba doesn't play Carrie :(.

31 (to grow an inch). Her character's name is--get this--Samantha!

We know, we know. You're dying to know more than just 31 facts about the Irish pop princess. However, to quote Mara from The Time Machine...

"Some things are better left unsaid."