It's been two months since the near-apocalyptic news of Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger's engagement, which means you've had plenty of time to draft the perfect pop culturally relevant Halloween costume. If you're still looking for specifics before Wednesday, allow Deryck Whibley, Sum 41 front man and Avril's ex-husband, to inspire you:

Whibley and his girlfriend Ari Cooper dressed up as the surprise couple of the year at a holiday party over the weekend. Nice work on the eyeliner and dour expression, but pseudo-Chad could use more frosted tips. Perhaps the news that Whibley's ex-wife will soon be covering her betrothed's biggest hit sent him over the edge? To be fair, avoiding countless photos of your ex and his or her new love splashed across magazines and blog posts is a lot more difficult than simply clicking "unfriend" on Facebook. Sometimes it pays not to be famous! But not-to-subtle acts like this do invite public retaliation via social media.

Kroeger: 1, Whibley: 0. We won't rest until we hear Brody Jenner's opinion on all of this.