Too bad the name Spice World is already spoken for. With the Spice Girls musical Viva Forever due to debut in the not-too-distant future, UK paper The Mirror reports that a documentary on the group is also in the hopper, a 90-minute "warts and all" ode to the group. "With worldwide sales of over 75 million, they defined a generation...but their full story has never been told," a TV source (who is also apparently the voiceover guy from every movie trailer ever) tells the paper. "Producers want to spend time getting to know each of the girls and let viewers feel they’ve got the real insight into their lives."

Exciting stuff for sure, but there's a catch—Victoria Beckham, better known to documentary mavens as Posh Spice, may not be down for the process, with producers saying the whole thing is a no go if Mrs. B refuses to be interviewed. C'mon, V-Becks! We need to hear those horror stories from the "Spice Up Your Life" music video. How else can we properly confront the demons of our youth??