The guys of One Direction have showed off their cuddly sides in recent weeks, but we're now getting more of a sense of their goofball tendencies—and it's not just from the many playful inflatables that accompany their live act. During a break from 1D vocal rehearsal, Harry, Liam and Louis can't resist showing off the synchronized set they obviously spent hours concocting before bed. The song is "C'Mon C'Mon," and the trio have whipped up a sort of reverse running man, which is clearly a shoo-in for our next installment of the greatest dance crazes the floor has ever seen. If they were at all upset about missing the American Music Awards because of a hectic work schedule, it's nice to see that Louis tries to remain positive through his choice of graphic tees.

We know that they have it in them; they're more than willing to dance when they think they've escaped the intrusive lenses of award show cameras, but have also proven they're able be convinced to get down on a program or two during Take Me Home promotion. With the plethora of up-tempto jams on their latest effort, it's only a matter of time before the dancing begins during live shows. (Deep breaths, Zayn.) Why the long face, Nialler? You can only play air drums for so long.

Please, someone, give Laurieann Gibson an hour with the boys. We're just curious to see what could happen.