One Direction had a busy Thursday, dealing with the early release of new single and video, "Live While We're Young," its subsequent massive response and performing at the iTunes Festival in London. With their team calling so many audibles in response to the unexpected leak, it's helpful that at least one part of their daily agenda was prerecorded. Before they took the stage, the boys spoke to BBC 1's Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac, who pried for additional information on the group's upcoming sophomore album, Take Me Home.

"Yeah, I think we are worried it's going to be game over!" Harry Styles joked, when asked about the fears typically associated with the making a second album. "Everyone said the second album's the hardest, so before we started recording we were a bit nervous." Speaking for the rest of group, Harry went on to make a prediction about the outcome of their upcoming November release, which will likely get Directioners squealing. "Yeah it did [feel hard], but I think we had a little bit more experience this time, a bit more input and stuff and I think we have better songs this time and the album should be better."

More input sounds good to us. While One Direction's catalog is predominantly peppy, good-feeling, catchy fun, most of the group's bigger songs feel similar (dare we say formulaic?). It'll be interesting to see if this "input" delivers any new or unexpected sounds and influences, or if all five are totally on board with the Swedish pop phenoms who've helped craft so many of their hits.

Up All Night features three songs co-written by the boys ("Taken," "Everything About You" and Same Mistakes") while the majority of the album consists of material from heavyweights of the songwriting world: Steve Mac, Ed Sheeran, Savan Kotecha and Rami Yacoub. The latter two are also responsible for "Live While We're Young" (along with Carl Falk). No word on whether that's the "cracking" song Niall Horan raved about earlier this summer, but we'd certainly be OK with giving the track that label until we find out for sure. It's been less than 24 hours and we've already listened to "Live While We're Young" a good 10 times, sending it around to all our friends and enemies. Kill 'em with kindness! And wet Zayn videos.