You've now have time to watch "You and I" (legally!), to sleep on it and to process endless bits of analysis like "I I love U like a Gaga Baby!" and "what. the. fuck." Does it make sense to you? It's still incoherent to us. How many hours until it's safe to say the plotline's too obscured beneath clips and scales and mermaid tales to figure out?

Meanwhile, MTV is still pretending the Internet does not exist, and "You and I" will premiere Thursday, first-time-ever, as sponsors intended. Who better to hype it up than choreographer Laurieann Gibson? But if you're hoping she'd explain things, probably best not to. Instead, browse her selection of fine adjectives:

- "Born This Way," this was musically such an amazing evolution and such a brilliant record.

- As genius as [Gaga] is...

- It was brilliant. [Director] Nick [Knight] is amazing.

- At the end of the day, you saw how amazing she looks — beautiful — she's dancing again.

That's three "amazing"s, two "brilliant"s and one "genius". Amazing! (Four.) And maybe if we get the entire Haus to say "amazing" (five) enough times, "You and I" will turn into more than a collage of mermaids and Nebraskana. All you have to do is believe.