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PopQuiz: What HBO show do you belong in?

Are you one of Lena Dunham's Girls or part of Tony Sopranos's gang? Fighting in North Westros with Ned Stark or drinking up the True Blood down South?

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Do you know what season it is?

That's right, it's HBO season. It's always HBO season, that's some quality programming, man. Whether it's the last season of Girls that's about to air this weekend or the upcoming run of Game of Thrones that's going to the be most important thing about 2017, HBO is pretty much a good cause to live for. That's why we, at Popdust, have dispatched our top team of pop culture researchers to live inside the HBO universe for a little bit and give us what we need to know: what HBO show would we belong in?

Because these are dedicated, they didn't just survey the current gamut of programming, they went deep into the past decade's love affair with serious TV, reliving the high drama of the Soprano family, surviving the mean streets of The Wire's Baltimore, struggling for that last drop of blood in the wacky world of True Blood.

Most so-called online buzz-quizzes tell you that they aren't perfect. But I can.

It's perfect.

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