HBO's Girls might not be on Glee's level when it comes to breaking indie artists into the mainstream, but if this week's sales figures are to be believed, Lena Dunham's much-blogged-about series is getting some serious tastemaking cachet for the don't-call-them-hipsters set.

Case in point: the recent sales bump enjoyed by Robyn's "Dancing on My Own" thanks to its association with the premium-cable comedy. The 2010 single was used to close out Girls' third episode last April and promptly saw its sales skyrocket; now, as an instrumental version Robyn's mournful dance track was used as the backing track for Girls' two Golden Globe wins Sunday, the song's sales have once again enjoyed a major bounce:

Label sources indicate that the song's daily sales tripled on Sunday from its normal daily average. And, for the tracking week ending Sunday night, Jan. 13, the song sold an estimated 7,000 copies—its best sales frame since May of 2012.

And that was just until Sunday at midnight, and all coming from a seconds-long instrumental clip played under footage of TV stars walking up to a podium. It's enough to make you want to dance in your room with your best friend, all your hopes and fears for the future subsumed (for one moment at least) by the beautiful optimism of youth: