Yes please!

Harry Styles showed off his toned and buff body in a promo for last Saturday’s 1 D day—and Popdust has the video.

The 19-year-old confessed in the video that his terrific torso and bulging biceps don’t come naturally, opening up about his grueling workout regime.

Amazingly, Harry admits to surviving on just four hours sleep a night, squeezing in a workout before hitting the sack—then rising at 5 am for a sweat inducing Bikram yoga session before starting his work day.

“It's currently 12.15am. I train for an hour, then go to sleep for four hours,” a panting Harry says as he runs on the treadmill.

“Get up again at 5am, have breakfast and go to Bikram yoga and have an espresso afterwards. Easy peasy!”

Yeah… sounds like a breeze….