Popdust doesn't really constitute an all-purpose daily news source. You'd miss a lot. For instance, the United States' final space shuttle mission is going on as you read this. Final, as in it's going to be retired after the space shuttle Atlantis's flight, which ends next week. What does it take for this to fit into our musical coverage? Elton John? Beyonce? We think Beyonce might do.

Listen below to a half-minute of "Run the World (Girls)," beamed up to the shuttle and a message from B honoring Sandra Magnus, the only female astronaut aboard the ship. (Yes, kids, the gender gap still exists.) Try not to be touched, or awed at the reach of pop culture or how Beyonce's star is big enough to reach the literal stars, or at least jealous. And if you can't be jealous that you're not aboard a spaceship listening to Beyonce, we really don't know what to say.