The floodgates have opened. The Warblers, private-school competitors to the McKinley High bunch on Glee, have already given the show one of its biggest hits and are being scheduled for a full album release next month. Now, their version of Pink's "Raise Your Glass" from next week's episode, sure to be another big seller, has premiered. The all-male chorus certainly does a game version of the chart-topper, even taking on the spoken breakdown section ("The glass is empty. It SUCKS!") You can hear it in full below:

Some of the other songs featured in next week's episode ("Original Song"), have also leaked, including (fittingly enough) one of the show's first original songs, "Hell to the No," as sung by Mercedes. It's like a slightly less dissonant version of Soulja Boy's "Yahhh!," though lacking some of the brute force of the DeAndre rant. For a first original effort, it's not bad. Witness:

Additional songs from next week's episode now seeing the light of day include the cast versions of The Beatles' "Blackbird," Hey Monday's "Candles," and Maroon 5's "Misery," all of which can be found here. Why even watch the show at all now, right?