Hear Jessica Sanchez & Leroy Sanchez Cover Justin Bieber's 'The Feeling'

For anyone who has ever heard Jessica Sanchez sing, you know as well as anyone how great she is. She left an indelible mark on American Idol, and now, she is (slowly, but surely) leaving her imprint on pop music. Joining forces with friend and fellow music-maker Leroy Sanchez (and no, they're not related), the two singers give Justin Bieber's The Feeling (originally featuring alt-pop singer Halsey) an appropriate and powerfully emotive overhaul.

The clip (below) begins with Leroy and a group of friends having a jam session on a rooftop to Beyonce's Love on Top. Meanwhile, Jessica is sullen, contemplating her feelings and struggling with what to do next. When the smooth R&B tune kicks in, the footage follows them in a split screen format as they try to find the truth. Did you enjoy the Sanchez power? We know we sure did.


Watch below:

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