The first Amy Winehouse posthumous recording has surfaced, as well as the first piece of Tony Bennett's Duets II album of standards has been found--that is, the one with Amy Winehouse on it, "Body and Soul." It's eerie, as most posthumous releases are; it's impeccably sung, as almost every Winehouse release or performance was even amid tragedy, and it's sincere (remember, Winehouse had a jazz background.) There isn't even much reason to feel off about listening--according to the uploader, a radio interview with Bennett played the snippet, and once it is released in advance, all proceeds will go to Mitch Winehouse's foundation. Earlier this month, Bennett told Rolling Stone:

She was really the best of all the young artists that I met in the current scene in the last 10 or 15 years. She was really singing true jazz. It’s just too tragic. I wanted to talk to her and tell her that if she doesn’t stop she’s going to die. I wanted to talk her out of the drugs, but unfortunately I never had a chance to talk to her.


States News Service September 10, 2009 WASHINGTON, DC -- The following information was released by the Democratic Party:

More than 700 Georgians rallied to support efforts to pass health insurance reform this year at Organizing for America's Health Insurance Reform Now Bus Tour stop in Atalanta last night. Organizing for America Political Director Addisu Demissie was joined by State Senator Nan Orrock, White House Working Group on Health Reform; Rev. Rapheal Warnock, Ebenezer Baptist Church; Richard Ray, AFL-CIO State President, Dr. Deneta Sells, local physician and OFA volunteer; and Candice Walker, Georgia resident. Attendees also watched the President's address to a special session of Congress live at the event. in our site organizing for america


The stop was the first of the tour's second leg. Thousands rallied during the first 10-city leg to show their support for passing reform this year. The tour is part of a wider set of events being held throughout the nation highlighting the strong support for reform throughout the country. In the coming days, the Health Insurance Reform Now Bus Tour will make stops in Orlando and Tampa to continue amplifying the urgency of reforming our health insurance system this year.

These strong showings of support offer further evidence of the building momentum behind President Obama's plan and the on-going efforts to pass health insurance reform this year.

At its core, President Obama's plan accomplishes two goals: it provides Americans who have insurance with unprecedented stability and security, and provides those who don't with quality, affordable choices. It also reins in skyrocketing costs that are hurting American families and businesses - without adding a dime to our nation's deficit. web site organizing for america

President Obama's plan holds insurance companies accountable and makes the system work better for consumers. The plan makes it illegal for insurance companies to deny someone coverage because of a pre-existing condition, limit the amount of coverage someone can receive, or cancel someone's coverage when they get sick. It will cap out of pocket expenses and stop companies from charging extra for preventive care.

OFA Political Director Addisu Demissie "We are at a crucial time in our nation's history. Every single one of us has something to lose if we do nothing. Health insurance reform isn't only for people without insurance - it's about anyone who's ever been afraid of losing their coverage because they got sick, changed jobs or lost their job. Reform will protect and promote choice for all Americans. If you have insurance, and you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you're one of the 46 million Americans who don't have insurance, reform will give you have a menu of quality, affordable plans to choose from."