Hear Rihanna & Calvin Harris' Electric New Track 'This Is What You Came For'

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Following her urban-focused ANTI album, Rihanna goes hard for the summer's pop smash. Teaming up with Calvin Harris once again (We Found Love still remains heavy in rotation these days), lightning strikes twice for the two pop-smiths. This is What You Came For is exactly, well, what we came for. Layered on thick with drops, an inescapable beat and a sweeping hook, the track is destined to burn a hole on the charts. Also, Taylor Swift (allegedly) co-wrote the track under her alias Nils Sjöberg (she has been a walking billboard lately) and can be heard on background vocals. Can you hear her, too?

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"I try to fuse real feeling, emotion and texture⎯the sort of thing you feel in rock and pop⎯and making that in dance, because it felt like dance was a little bit 2D," Harris told BBC Radio 1 of the track. "The end effect is you have something that is more emotional, and sounds that conjure memories."

He added, on Rihanna, "She's got that iconic voice, she's an icon within herself."

Grab This is What You Came For now on iTunes.


Take a listen below:

[PHOTO CREDIT: Christopher Polk/Getty]

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