It may not be as widely anticipated as Born This Way or 4, but three more track off Selena Gomez and The Bieb Selena Gomez and the Scene's When the Sun Goes Down have leaked, cementing the band's status as officially in-demand. (Congrats!) With a little over a week to go, we've gotten to hear "Love You Like A Love Song," which Gomez debuted live on Good Morning America last Friday, about 1:49 of "We Own The Night" and the totally non-Beiber related "Bang Bang Bang," thanks to the generous Internet gods. Now we can enjoy three new dance pop numbers from Ms. Gomez and her crew before the album's release on June 28: "Hit the Lights," a "Since You've Been Gone"-esque call to the dance floor, the head vs. heart bad boy conundrum "My Dilemma" and title track "When The Sun Goes Down," backed by a pulsating synth. The verdict? Each track is surprisingly more enjoyable than what we've heard from the band thus far. (Could this be the Summer of Selena, or are we just suffering from low iron, too?)

Listen the the three tracks below or check them out on Tumblr, where presumably the full versions reside.

"Hit The Lights"

"My Dilemma"

"When The Sun Goes Down"