In four days, Nirvana's seminal album Nevermind will have come out 20 years ago. It's both impossible to understate and almost redundant by now to mention the album's legacy. Most obviously, it codified grunge, post-grunge and whatever distorted form the genre has now. It's the source and benefactor of much of today's '90s nostalgia and is shrouded in as much legend and anecdotes as any classic of any decade. You likely know all this; what you may not know (but could probably have guessed) is that the album has been re-issued once more for the anniversary, a 4 CD/1 DVD set that includes rarities, B-sides, demos, live recordings and other unheard material.

The re-issue is out today, but Seattle radio station 107.7 The End, in advance of the re-release, is streaming three unheard versions of Nevermind tracks "Breed," "On a Plain" and (naturally) "Smells Like Teen Spirit."--one new mix, one demo and one live recording.

Listen to the three tracks here.