If you see Usher Raymond parked outside your house for an extended period of time, call the cops sooner rather than later—chances are pretty good that the R&B singer is up to no good. In the "Climax" video, he's stalking his ex-girlfriend in her current place of residence with her current significant other, looking all kinds of tortured as he contemplates what happened and what hhe's about to do (or what he's already done?) Next thing you know, he's grabbing some gun-like object from his glove compartment and rushing into his ex's house, brushing past her to head upstairs, and then a quick flash of light...and he's back in his car, re-contemplating. Interesting.

By the way, have we talked about how fucking great this song is yet? Well, yeah, we have, but let's say it again for the cheap seats—this is one of the best songs of the year, a yearning, devastating and all other kinds of emotionally extreme adjectiving ballad that producer Diplo called "the best record I've been a part of," and he very well might be right. Video ain't bad either—moody and pensive with brief moments of stunning drama, much like the song itself!. Check it.