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Heather LaRose Releases 'Kerosene'

LaRose releases a pop ballad about hope and love burning through doubts and fears.

American electro-pop singer and songwriter, Heather LaRose, recently released her new single, "Kerosene."

LaRose's previous song, "New Moon," was featured on MTV's Teen Wolf, and in 2018 her music hit over a million streams. She has played as the opening act for Rachel Platten and Drake Bell, and in 2016, LaRose had the distinction of performing at several of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign speeches. Hillary Clinton also chose LaRose's Beachside EP, "Run with Me," as her walk-up song.

LaRose has brought her electric music to stages all over the country, including SXSW, LA Fashion Week, NYFW, Miami Swim Week, NYC's Bronx Zoo Festival, and Sold Out LA's Whisky A-Gogo. She's also headlined Mantauk Music Festival.


"Kerosene" is a soft, slow burn that really showcases LaRose's vocals while maintaining an overall poppy vibe. LaRose's emotion bleeds through her voice, imparting the deep significance held by her lyrics.

The song, which debuted in Forbes, is an incredibly personal piece to LaRose, a coping mechanism for the loss of her ex-boyfriend to cancer. Her lyrics explore feelings of hope and love amidst the doubt and fear that goes hand-in-hand with all the complications of a long-distance relationship. Ultimately, she compares the positives elements of their relationship to kerosene, burning brighter than the negatives. LaRose hopes that through her song she can help encourage and inspire others who are going through similar battles.

"Kerosene" offers a strongly emotional listening experience, a pop ballad with electric undertones.

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