"Glitter and Glory": Heidi Montag Is a Christian Pop Singer Now

After a third listen, it bops in the same way Rebecca Black's horrendous "Friday" captivated the nation.


Over the last decade, Heidi Montag has gone from teen pop "Overdosin" to Christian pop's "Glitter and Glory."

After a seven-year hiatus from making music, she's back to shed light on the difference between "glitter and glory" on her latest single. Yet, her over-stylized, over-produced, and auto-tuned song makes the reality TV star sound exactly the same as she did almost a decade ago. After a third listen, it bops in the same way Rebecca Black's horrendous "Friday" captured the attention of a nation.

Montag is known as a D-List celebrity who spent over two million dollars trying to become pop music's next Britney Spears. But now she's back on The Hills reboot and making inflammatory comments. She recently came under fire for comments during an interview with Vanity Fair, concluding that the cast is diverse simply because they "don't all look the same." She continued, "I mean Audrina has dark hair, Mischa has darker hair. But yeah, we're California girls and it's a group of friends."

The song calls back to a time when Montag didn't understand the dark reality of D-list fame, like that time Montag bought into the "glitter" so much that she almost died after undergoing ten plastic surgery procedures or when she partied too hard to find her "glory." Of course, the song doesn't get into the nitty-gritty details—or anything of substance, really. It's the kind of song California valley girls might sing along to at Hillsong Church.

Listen to "Glitter and Glory" below:

Glitter and Glory www.youtube.com

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