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Ridley Scott's newest blockbuster, The Martian, recorded a $55 million opening weekend and was declared a triumph. The film, which stars the ever popular Matt Damon as an astronaut trapped on Mars, debuted on the heels of NASA's discovery of water on the red planet.

Damon, who came under fire recently for some controversial comments he made in a interview with The Guardian, has made a career out of being rescued in films like Saving Private Ryan, Interstellar, and now The Martian. Looking at all the films that can fall into the "Matt Damon Rescue" genre (my new favorite), a researcher named Kynan Eng figured out it would cost about $900 billion to retrieve Matt Damon from his various "business trips."

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Naturally, Matt Damon has never travelled to Mars, or a distant planet through a wormhole, or Normandy during WWI. But in 2015, evolution has regressed far enough that people don't realize that movies aren't always grounded in reality.

I'd be bothered too. Luckily, my mom is smarter than that, but since a lot of people aren't, a GoFundMe user named Kyle Douglas M. has created a campaign to rescue Matt Damon from Mars. That's right, a real campaign to rescue Matt Damon. From Mars.

The campaign's goal is set at $99 million dollars, less than half of the estimated $200B it would actually cost to send a rescue mission to Mars for Matt. So far the campaign has raised a whopping $70, which is surprising, considering how much money some viral crowdfunding movements can accrue (try searching "crowdfund potato salad").

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Hopefully, NASA can get a mission past the asteroid belt to rescue Matt Damon on their own, but if they can't, Kyle from GoFundMe won't be able to either. The fine print at the bottom of the GoFundMe page states that, "Any and all of Donations will be Given to either NASA or Matt Damon's WATER charity. Please do not donate, but if you choose to do know that I will be keeping nothing from this campaign. But most importantly let's bring Matt home."

#bringmatthome #bringbackmatt

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