Help Send Pitbull to a Walmart in Alaska

Ah, Something Awful is at it again. About a year after SA-endorsed "Smash Mouth, Eat the Eggs" movement forced the singer of "All-Star" and "Walking on the Sun" to eat a whole lot of hardboiled eggs for charity, SA's David Thorpe and John Hendren are attempting to stick up for the disenfranchised state of Alaska by getting Pitbull to play a Walmart there. As part of a promotion for Sheets Energy Strips, the Miami rapper is holding an internet vote to get him to play any such Walmart in the US, and the Awful goons are leading the charge to get him to play at the Walmart Kodiak in the frozen Alaskan island. ("I think he'll have a wonderful time in Alaska," commented Thorpe by way of possibly sarcastic explanation.)

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The Walmart Kodiak Facebook page has 20,000+ likes already—which, as Gawker points out, is greater than the entire population of Kodiak, Alaska. Will it be enough to ensure that Mr. 305 heats up our frozen 49th state? We certainly hope so—it would probably be the most exciting thing to happen to Kodiak, Alaska since the Great Polar Bear Rush of '97. #ExilePitbull, you have a friend in Popdust.


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