After becoming a fan of K-pop divas, T-ara N4, after seeing their "Countryside Life" music video (which just beat out Emblem3 in our Pop-Off by a landslide!), Chris Brown met up with the infamous girl group on the set of his new music video in Compton on Sunday.

The girls flew in directly from Korea at short notice for the meeting, where they were reportedly greeted at LAX by 300 fans and Breezy's big entourage -- which included a small army of bodyguards and a handful of limousines to transport everybody to the video shoot.

Judging by the photos of the two notorious pop acts together, it looks like they hung out, chatted, and posed for pictures, while T-ara N4 also appear to have given Breezy a pot as a gift. (The kind you decorate your home with, not the kind that you smoke.)

Also on the set was Dani, the American-Korean teenager who is training to join T-ara in the future, and is actually responsible for hooking up the meeting between Breezy and the girl group.

According to Korean news reports, T-ara N4 is set to do some serious networking while they're in the States, with plans to meet up with several more bigwigs in the American music industry before they head back to Korea on the 16th to resume promoting "Countryside Life."

Hopefully something musical comes out of this. If there's one thing that the world needs, it's a Chris Brown and T-ara duet -- even if just for the sheer randomness of it.

[Photos via: T-ara World / Tiara Diadem]