I don't think anybody actually believed Justin Bieber's bizarre early retirement claims, but for anybody that did, we've got some more proof that he isn't.

The Biebs recently hit the studio with Kid Cudi for a recording session. We don't know if they're recording something for Cudi's next album or Bieber's, but the point is that they're doing something.

If it is for Bieber's next record, then this should be pretty interesting. Former hipster it boy Cudi's best known for his alt-rap productions and more recently, psychedelic hip-hop and rock. It's miles away from Bieber's top forty stuff, but we have seen The Biebs moving further into the urban world since Believe dropped, so this isn't a total surprise.

In other news, Bieber's Believe movie tanked at the box office over Christmas, and his Journals compilation flopped on the charts. Better hope this Cudi collaboration is a hit!