The BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in Croydon, South London, for the British and increasingly for the U.S. music worlds, is essentially a big ol' singing and performing and belting plant that releases dozens of already-viable artists per year. Amy Winehouse. Leona Lewis. Katy B. Imogen Heap. I guess we should include Jessie J here.

And, of course, Adele, who's well on track to be the most successful alumna by far. (That's only since 1991, but then, that's also more than 20 years.) And below, thanks to a childhood friend whose video The Sun obtained somehow, you can see why: lots of surprisingly mature singing--she still sounds more or less exactly like Adele--during her school years, both on stage and goofing off. The morals, here: Practice makes perfect. The BRIT School makes publicity. Both combined, plus five years or so, make 21. Watch at this link.