After so many years out of the game, Missy Elliott sure is being stingy with new material.

Pal/producer Timbaland originally promised Missy would drop two singles, "9th Inning," and "Triple Threat" on Labor Day. This of course did not happen, but to make it up to us, Atlantic dropped a 90-second sample of "Inning" Tuesday morning.

Despite Missy's boast that she's "on some new shit," the track could have come out at any time during Missy's '00s heyday: orchestra samples, sinister synth chords, a booming chorus from Timbaland and a properly bold opening: "Now I'm in the ninth inning / Thought I fell off but I'm not finished / Yeah, I'm 'bout to put my foot in it / Talk with it, walk with it, I'm no gimmick."

We'll have to wait on the full track, but if you want a peek at the whole song, Elliott performed it live in April: